There will be no such thing as privacy if this passes. Watch the whole thing, then go research on the new censorship acts!

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This is an excellent video.  In an Internet operating under ACTA, sharing this or any other content would be greatly altered.

SOPA is a Red Herring ↘

This way, when OPEN or perhaps a non-NDS-version of SOPA is passed, if you break the rules, you will be hunted down, regardless of where you live or operate since this also includes international domain names.

My PIPA post for the day - what I sent my senators.

(Well, what I’ve sent Snowe so far because Collins’ website is broken.  If you would like to borrow some bits of this to contact your senators, go for it.  I am not claiming intellectual property rights here.)

I am writing to voice opposition to S. 968, the PROTECT-IP Act (PIPA).  This act will do little to impede piracy or intellectual property theft, but will hinder communications and the free flow of information on the Internet.  As a library science student, I believe in the importance of open access to information as vital to freedom and democracy.  Censoring the Internet through PIPA draws parallels between the United States and countries like China and Iran, which limit their citizens’ access to information via staunch Internet controls.  

Please vote against PIPA to protect Internet freedom.  Thank you for your time and service to our state and nation.

SOPA is dead[!!!!!!] ↘

Keep pressure on your senators regarding PIPA.

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You've been owned